Travellers move on to Aylsham site

Travellers have today (Friday) moved on to a piece of land at the former St Michael’s Hospital site in Aylsham.

Three caravans have been parked close to the entrance to St Michael’s Avenue and police visited the site earlier this afternoon.

A spokesperson for Norfolk Police said: “Police have been made aware of an unauthorised encampment on Cawston Road, in Aylsham today.

“Officers visited the site at approximately 2.30pm this afternoon and are currently working alongside the council to engage with the group, made up of three caravans.”

A spokesperson for Aylsham Town Council said it had contacted Norfolk County Council for guidance on what measures could be taken.

The town council spokesperson added the police had said the process to move the travellers on was under way.

The county council provides  a travellers’ sites and liaison officer, who is responsible for issues relating to travellers and local communities.

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