Toy fair coming to Hellesdon

Lego, Star Wars, Transformers, Pokemon, comics and merchandise from popular TV, film and video-game franchises will be among items on sale in Hellesdon next month.

The Norwich Vintage and Modern Toy Fair is preparing for its 11th show and has found a home at Hellesdon Community Centre. The fair will be there on Sunday September 2 from 9.30am (various entry fees apply).








Come and catch a Pokemon at Sheringham Museum

Sheringham Museum has joined the latest craze as a Gym location on the popular mobile game Pokémon Go.

To celebrate this, the museum is offering a free Poké – WiFi Pass to visitors to the museum so that they can catch, train and battle their Pokémon  during their visit.
The museum discovered it was a Poké-Gym when two young visitors came into the museum on Friday clutching their mobile phones hunting Pokémon. Being in North Norfolk the mobile coverage in Sheringham is notoriously bad so getting mobile data coverage can be difficult. This meant that the young visitors were struggling to get an internet connection to complete their game. The museum offers WiFi access to visitors and has produced the special card to allow Pokémon hunters the chance to connect to a stable wi-fi data connection.
Nearby there are plenty of Poké – Stops, allowing players to gather items such as eggs, Pokéballs and incense. The seaside art trail along the promenade outside the museum has four Poké-stops, with almost all of Colin Seal’s wall art murals featuring on the virtual trail.
Museum manager Philip Miles said: “We were happy to help out when the mobile data connection in Sheringham failed them in their quest to catch and train Pokémon here. We hope that visitors to the museum hunting and training Pokémon will also take time to look at our exhibits and the War Knitting exhibition!”