It’s all quiet for North Walsham pub plans

Ssshh, there are plans for a new micropub in North Walsham.

The concept for the former taxi office at 2 Market Place shuns all forms of electronic entertainment with the idea to “keep it simple”.

The application to North Norfolk District Council is for a change of use of the empty building to drinking establishment.

The micropub will sell cask ale on gravity from the barrel, also real cider and limited bottled beer, mostly speciality foreign beers, plus serve traditional pub snacks.

There will be no TV, fruit machines or recorded music and as such little noise, other than conversation. The plan is to steer clear of lager and alcopops and also not brew beer on site.

The application sates: “The Market Street Tap will be a throwback to the traditional ale houses of the mid-19th century. It will be a single room micropub with limited space (room for approximately 25-30 people) and limited opening hours.”

The business will be based primarily on three core themes – local cask ales served straight from cask to glass; traditional snacks such as pork pies, scotch eggs, crisps and cheeses sourced from local artisan businesses; conversation between locals and tourists alike.

It is not intended that there will be any structural changes to the property, inside or out, other than hanging pictures on the walls

The application says: “A micropub is a small freehouse which listens to its customers, mainly serves cask ales and promotes the art of conversation.”

The first micropub opened in 2005 in Herne Bay, Kent and since then the concept has gone from strength to strength.

There are currently more than 280 micropubs listed with the Micropub Association and news of further openings continues to buck the recent trend of pub closures.

One thought on “It’s all quiet for North Walsham pub plans

  1. Malc

    OMG as a real ale lover I can only say thank goodness somebody has some good old ideas at last. I do worry a little however as the wet trade (beers and drinks) is difficult to take a profit from on its own. The trend has to be food and families to survive these days. As long as the down and outs stay out and not use it as doss house I will certainly be having a few in there. Real ale dropped out the cask holds a special flavour and doesn’t blow you up like those chemical keg beers and lagers. Many breweries now supply real ales in airtight containers of maybe 4 and half gall . These last a long long time as no air is introduced thus saving on waste.
    Good Luck to the venture.


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