Charity starts at the Brickies

The Brickmakers pub has had a busy year with several charity events netting cash for some good causes.

And landlady Claire Brooks said she was grateful to everyone, locals and visitors, for their help in making things such a success.

“We’ve just had another great event here with our Bike Show. The car park front and back was full, and the garden, too!” she said.

“It’s amazing. We’ve been here only eight months and we’ve raised nearly £15,000 for charity.

“We have such lovely customers plus the bands and the promoters that have helped us achieve this.

“As well as our usual events we’re looking forward to our next all-day event – Pork Fest 2, on Saturday, October 7.”

Amounts raised so far at the pub this year include:

Easter Charity Day

It’s On the Ball Testicular Cancer £1,265

Keeping Abreast £1,265

Diabetes Punk Weekend


Bike Show

National Association for Bikers with Disabilities £325

Kayla’s Appeal


Future Fest Future Projects £4,500

Pork Fest 1

Cancer Research UK £1,317.50

Norfolk SEN Network £1,044.95

Brick Fest

£1,200 towards a defibrillator plus £1,024 to the Norfolk Accident Rescue Service

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