Better manners from my pigs – Reader letter

We have received this email from a reader who has a home in Sheringham but spends most of his time farming in the Outer Hebrides. We hope it will make those who are panic-buying see sense.

“I made a trip down to my other house in Sheringham last week for two weeks. Started off quite pleasant – had some friends to visit etc.

“I noticed towards the end of the two weeks I was rather wanting to get out of North Norfolk as it had become very hostile. Tesco was fast becoming a shop that was not so pleasant.  The staff  were doing their best to be nice, however customers were not so kind.

“A trip to Cromer was the last straw. Visiting Lidl was an utter disgrace  –  shoppers all but looting things from shelves, grabbing pushing and shoving etc.  Well, as a farmer, I have seen better manners with pigs at the trough

“We both returned to Scotland on Monday, March 16, and was so glad to get back to an island with well-mannered community shops that had not been looted, with plenty of selection on the shelves for well-behaved shoppers.

“I will not return to Sheringham this year. Be kind and others will be kind in return.

Barry and Roberta Farmers, North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

One thought on “Better manners from my pigs – Reader letter

  1. Charles Tatler

    Thank you for returning to your own community and leaving us, that live here year round in Sheringham, to manage with the resources we have available.
    Second home owners coming here in these times are only putting additional strain on the resources and services for the local community.


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